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How to move greenhouses?

How can anyone have stable yet customizable farm automation at their fingertips? With the Object Syndicate application platform it is possible to automate any farm or greenhouse with open source technologies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Python. Our approach provides industry standards to agriculture with data management and a broad array of free and professional applications.

The Heart.

At its heart is CropWatch, a Django powered web server which stores sensor data. Django provides a database abstraction layer and task queue built in Python. When CropWatch is deployed on a Raspberry-Pi it has access to the GPIO and UART interface. This can be connected to a programmable logic controller for industrial scale automation. It is also possible to centralize your internet of things device data for processing before sending it to external APIs for cloud storage or services. CropWatch is available on Github under an Apache 2.0 license.

Object Syndicate Farm Automation Stack
A fine example.

ioTank, also available on Github. Is our flagship internet of things appliance and a great accomplice to CropWatch for system engineers seeking an example to build their own iteration.

Beyond open source.

We don’t publish all our work in the public domain. To compliment our open source components we also provide professional hardware options such as light, VPD, and water metric systems. Backed by our consulting and training we will make sure your farm has access to the most advanced tools available. Allowing the consumer to put trust in your product with proven quality.

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