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Hemp Industry Solutions.

Living in Colorado is full of excitement and opportunity. We have many things to be excited about, from the fourteeners (the mountain peaks above 14,000 feet), to green chili, fishing in the Rio Grande, and thousands of acres of industrial hemp. We have strong roots in agriculture and a passion for technology, the budding hemp industry is a good place for Object Syndicate to develop solutions. I was introduced to some of the local growers in the San Luis Valley and northern New Mexico through friends and political activism.

Meeting these amazing people intrigued me to go to the industrial hemp convention, NoCo4. There we met even more amazing people and was completely astonished at the new technology being developed for industrial hemp which will change the world for the better in the near future.  Attending last year exposed us to some great ways we can assist industrial hemp with Internet of Things. We have been developing the ioTank platform to be more suited for custom industrial applications as well as the Luciscan spectrometer. We will be attending NoCo5 this year in April and we hope to see everyone there.